Maybe you even wonder why you should care about the difference
between gold and free at all. Does it really matter to you?

If you want to earn money from Swom it matters.
If you want to find people that have already spent money online it matters.
If you are promoting something that requires an AlertPay account it could matter. Not really sure about that one.. ;)
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Earlier, the only way you could see if someone was gold was to look at their conversation
with another member of Swom and look at the color of their name.

Blue is free and Gold(yellow,brown (not blue)) tells you they are gold. :)
Gold is upgraded, which means they pay a monthly fee to Swom.

I paid for my first month with a Creditcard and have used my earnings from Swom
to cover my monthly fee every month after that. Less fees that way. :)

So, how has it become easier to tell if others members are gold or free?

Swom has opened for inhouse banner advertising.
The banners are only shown on the profiles of free members.

This means that if you come to a profile with a banner on top, it’s a free member.
No need to scroll down and look for a conversation the person has participated
in earlier to find the color of their name.

Why does it matter if their gold or free?
Swom has something they call the ‘Gold Evangelist’ Bonus Pool.
You can find information about this in the FAQ, but here’s the essential.

It’s intentionally there to reward those that help free members to upgrade to gold,
but to get a part of it you only have to include the word gold in a message from
you to the free member before they upgrade to gold.

My earnings from ‘Gold Evangelist’ Bonus Pool has been higher than the amount
I have got from Community Participation.

Community Patricipation is calculated from the points you earn for your activity.

Unless you have a generic message that fits both gold and free, you should
want to avoid suggesting to gold members that they should upgrade.

If you tell a gold member they should upgrade it shows them that you don’t
know what you’re doing, or that you don’t care. Maybe both :)

This is not good if you hope to cooperate with someone or want to convince
them to do or buy something because of what you say to them later.

PS. Some write Gold, or Gold Member, in their names and mine would have been:

Roger Bjornerud Gold Member

Usually this is true, but I have seen those that are blue and say they are gold.. :)

PPS. The banneradvertising works and I have gotten sales and signups from it.
I decided to use my earnings in Swom for advertising instead of withdrawing like I usually do :)

PPPS. You can still earn money from Swom without referring anyone or selling anything.
Even from the first month, and everything you need to know to be able to do it is available here. :)