The text below is no longer completely accurate, and will be edited asap.

You can earn money with Swom in many different ways.

Swom Community participation

Swom’s unique Community Participation Bonus pays an extraordinary 50% of company-wide Gold membership commissions into this bonus! This means that you can earn commissions month after month just for participating in what you love – the Swom social network!
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What your share of this will be is based on how many points you accumulate between payruns.

Swom Gold Evangelist Bonus

This is the perfect reward for those that love to connect with free members and help them see the light of Swom Gold membership! A whopping 20% of company-wide Gold membership commissions are paid into this bonus!

You have to be a gold member to be able to earn with Swom, but the fun part is that you can earn in the two ways described above without referring anyone that upgrades. I earned $78 my first month and $128 the second month by promoting me and what I do online.

That translates to getting hundreds of signups and getting paid at the same time.

Instant Referral Bonus

You receive $15 for every new personal referral that upgrades to Gold membership, paid in the first month after they upgrade.

But that’s not all! You continue to receive $5 every month from the second month onwards for each of your Gold referrals – every month – as long as they remain Gold!

This comes on top of community participation and Gold Evangelist and you don’t need this at the moment to earn more than your membership cost as long as you understand everything and participate as much as you can.

Many people think: “Participate.. That sounds like a job.. I don’t want to be on Swom ALL DAY and just earn points.”

That would be the wrong way to think, in my opinion, and I’ll tell you why:

When you participate, people get to know you.
People buy from, and follow the advice of, people they know or trust.

When you earn points you might actually meet someone that knows something you want to know.
If you are lucky they will tell you what they know and help you.

If you post a picture of you on your profile it will be shown on other peoples profiles.
This will give you free advertising as clicking on your picture will take them to your profile.
You have your programs listed on your profile, or maybe “just” your website.
You might even hook up with someone you lost contact with before.

Getting new contacts, the advertising and learning is the number one way you get paid at Swom.
Knowing what I know now, I would have paid for the membership even if it didn’t provide me the chance to earn at the same time, but it would have taken someone pretty good convincing skills to talk me into it.

That’s how it is when you don’t know.

Remember, every post you make is placing an ad.
Every comment you make is posting an ad.
Every question you answer is posting an ad.
Every person you help is posting a HUGE ad.

Do you mind getting paid at the same time? :)

Everything above is also true for free members, except they can’t earn anything from Swom itself.
I have suggested that they consider rewarding free members a little too, because it would make Swom more interesting for all and give all the free members more reasons to refer others to Swom.

A lot of unused free advertising wasted there. :)